FLO-GLO Pro Series Igniter in copper housing


Gas Options

Product Description

The FLO-GLO™ electronic ignition and flame supervision system is a patent pending 120VAC hot surface igniter designed specifically for gas lights (more information can be found @ www.flo-glo.com).

The FLO-GLO system uses a hot surface igniter to ignite and monitor gas flow. Think of the hot surface igniter as being similar to an electric stovetop that glows red hot. When the microprocessor in the FLO-GLO system calls for heat (is turned on) the coil glows red hot and then gas begins to flow, the glow coil remains red hot for ten seconds. Therefore the gas ignites first time every time, unlike spark igniters.

Also, FLO-GLO senses the flame via the “flame current” (i.e. the electrical current that passes from the glow coil to the burner tip). This results in much more accurate flame sensing therefore increasing functionality and safety.

The 120V eliminates the need for a transformer, the hot surface igniter is more durable, ignition is more reliable, the attractive weatherproof design facilitates installation and the modular construction facilitates repair by laymen.

The Flo Glo™ igniter is adaptable to almost any gas lantern, including but not limited to: Charleston, Primo, Cunningham and Flambeaux.