French Quarter Lantern on Classic Yoke



Electric or Gas

Electric Options

Copper Top

Copper Panels instead of glass on top

Lantern Color

Gas Options (120V Hot Surface Igniters)

Total Height

(From the ceiling to bottom of the lantern in inches)

Small Flamebulb

Large Flamebulb

Socket Adapter for Flamebulb

Candelabra to Medium Based Socket (E12 to E26)

Product Description

Our “Classic” yoke sometimes called a hurricane yoke because it sturdily suspends the selected fixture. A true French Quarter classic shown year with traditional ladder rack.

Sizes listed are lantern sizes without the bracket.

Minimum total heights for the yokes:

15″ x 8″ = 21″
18″ x 10″ = 26″
21″ x 12″ = 28.5″
24″ x 14″ = 30″

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